Zirconia Thermal Barriers
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Zirconia Thermal Barriers

For the motorsport sector we offer a range of Zirconia thermal barriers which are used on high temperature components such as exhaust pipes and turbo's helping to reduce under bonnet temperatures by upto 50°C and improving engine performance.

Applications The Zirconia treatment is ideal for both production components as well as stock or used parts where a clients requires superior engine performance. Typical applications range from Formula 1 sports cars, through to track day race cars and road based high performance vehicles. Other applications include motorbike exhausts, turbo housings, pistons, valves, cylinder heads and exhaust anchors.

Benefits A Zirconia treatment will reduce heat transfer through exhaust outlets which in turn maintains higher internal gas temperatures and faster transfer rates resulting in a more efficient exhaust system. The reduction in heat loss through the exhaust system also reduces the underbonnet temperature which can effect other engine components. In particular, the Zirconia thermal barrier can help to protect internal wiring and and minimise the threat of electronics from shorting. Another benefit is high temperature corrosion resistance, in particular .

Zirconia based ceramics are used in heat insulation applications as thermal barriers to improve efficiency and service life of components in high temperature service. These materials are generally plasma sprayed over an appropriate bond coat. Stabilisers such as magnesia, ceria, calcia and yttria are alloyed with the zirconia to help minimise phase transformation that can cause volume changes within the coating, which can in turn lead to coating cracking during service. Key applications are graphite trays used for sintering of carbide, gas turbine hot section components, diesel engine piston crowns and seats.

The range of Zirconia thermal barriers available are detailed below:

Metco 201B-NS, 201NS, 210, 210NS-1-G, 210NS-1, 333
This is recommended for combustion applications. Abrasive wear resistant up to approx. 900ºC (1650ºF). Coatings resist wetting and corrosive effects of molten metal. Applications: diesel engine pistons, valves, cylinder heads and coatings for casting molds and troughs.

Metco 205NS
Ideally suited for severe thermal barrier applications and offers greater high temperature corrosion resistance against sodium, sulfur and chlorine contaminants compared to 8% yttria zirconia coatings.

Metco 143
Coatings exhibit excellent scuff resistance, high temperature hardness, excellent thermal shock properties and resistance to sulfidation, chlorinization and sodium hot corrosion.

Metco 203NS
A flame-stabilized yttria zirconia that stabilizes when melted during the spray coating process.

Metco 204B-NS, 204C-NS, 204NS, 204NS-1, 204NS-G, 204NS-AP
A flame-stabilized yttria zirconia that stabilizes when melted during the spray coating process.

AMDRY 6643 is a stabilized Yttria Zirconia. The Zirconia is not flame stabilized. Coatings can be used at temperatures up to approximately 1350 °C (2460 °F), depending on operating conditions.

Metco 202NS
A flame stabilized yttria zirconia, designed to produce coatings that are stable at high temperatures. Recommended for resistance to erosion at temperatures above 845ºC (1550ºF). Applications: thermal barrier coatings in rocket and jet engines.



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