A M Philpots On-going Green Credentials
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A M Philpot's On-going Green Credentials

In the modern business world every responsible company endeavours to play its part in negating waste wherever possible, reducing energy consumption, moderate raw material usage and increase recycling capabilities. Combining all of these with a sensible and pragmatic approach to our business we believe we can “do our bit” for the environment.

By the very nature of our multifaceted business A M Philpot's has some fairly complex waste streams but with a little lateral thought we've been able to have the minimum impact on the ecosystem. Our most obvious issue is our post chrome plating waste and this is strictly managed both in our day to day business and when a plating solution reaches the end of its working life. The exhausted solution is transferred into dedicated containers and then disposed of via licensed and approved waste contractors. We're also committed to keeping our rinse and process waters safely contained via the plating shop's bunded and gullied floors which run into self-contained treatment unit. Our waste water is regularly checked by the local water authority and we consistently meet or better the requirements.

Managing process by-products isn't just about meeting external standards; any company serious about the subject sets its own high standards. For many years we've reused cardboard packaging whenever it's been practical to do so and we've also used shredded paper generated from our offices to protect customer's finished work wherever it's been viable to do so. From 2012 and after discussion with a national expert in recycling we've introduced a defined metal recycling policy aimed at making our factory both safer and more environmentally responsible. We now run five or six discrete substrate initiatives targeted at ensuring each metal is individually recycled and not simply passed on as mixed scrap or worse still disposed of in a landfill site. Any obsolete plant is also responsibly disposed of via approved and licensed metal recycling specialists.

With a view to minimising our impact on the atmosphere we're currently looking at a programme aimed at minimising the use of VOCs or volatile organic chemicals within our organisation. Although such petrochemical derived solvents are undoubtedly easy to use they have a well-defined environmental impact. We are committed to reducing or removing these wherever possible and substituting cleaning materials from renewable and/or sustainable sources.

We will aim not only to maintain these programmes but to develop and enhance them wherever possible. Just a little extra effort from us can make a small but significant difference to our environment.



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